How do I extend support in-Kind (through Indian Red Cross Society facilitated by Government of India)?

A dedicated team has been constituted to expedite and facilitate import of COVID-19 relief material into India by domestic and foreign institutions.

There are three simple steps:

Step 1: Intent of Assistance: (link to CovAid Portal Form)

Please fill and submit the Intent of Assistance Form with details of support offered. The letter must specify an unconditional intent to import items to support COVID related relief work in India and provide name & quantity of items and broad logistics details along with estimated timelines.

You will receive a notification with a unique id for your intent of assistance.

Step 2: Shipping

All shipments will be routed through the Indian Red Cross Society (Consignee). All such shipments would be exempted from Custom duty, Health-Cess and GST obligations. Your consignments can be received anywhere in India by the Indian Red Cross Society. 

The team will ensure intimation to the Indian Red Cross Society, Ministry of Health and Family Welfare, Customs, Ports, Airports and will verify and coordinate further.

Once verified, you will be prompted to share the details of donations along with the following papers for the Indian Red Cross Society to facilitate the process on arrival including Customs & all other clearances. We will be providing end-to-end assistance. The following documents will have to be submitted:


1. WayBill

2. Commercial invoice and the total value of donated items

3. Packing list

4. Donation Certificate/Gift certificate/Covering Letter

5. Flight/cargo details (date and time of arrival)


Step 3: Tracking

Please click here and use your unique ID to see the status update of your CovAid

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